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Paul Read

the mOnk

Born in London, but now living just outside Granada in Andalusia, Spain. I have been known as the Teapotmonk during my teaching of Tai Chi in London during the 1980's and 1990's. This was a result of the endless debates regarding style, schools and lineage. Consequently, I taught Teapot Tai Chi and refused to be limited by the definitions of others. This admirable act had absolutely no effect whatsoever on the continuation of the debates, other than to confuse people further.



Previous to all this, back in the land of green fields and cups of tea, I once studied philosophy and history. Then, in the absence of any offered work (no surprise there) I helped organise a squatting group in East London to help house single-homeless people and worked voluntarily for civil rights associations and collectives in the borough. (I had to do something useful during 6 years on the dole).

I also used to hand our free magazines at tube stations, clean the toilets of an Insurance Company in the City of London and deliver sandwiches to office workers on my push bike. These jobs I enjoyed immensely and dream of one-day returning to this simple existence. 

Later I returned to study the physical arts that I had begun when I was 12 years old with Judo and Karate. Whilst training for certified qualifications in aerobics, circuit-training, weights and stretch, I resumed my martial arts with Wing Chun and Aikido. Years later, accompanied by many injuries, I resigned from everything other than Tai Chi and have been teaching this gentle and noble art since 1990.  

That year I also returned to academic study, to devote 5 years to a new degree course on Information Technology and Spanish. Like the last degree course, this qualification led to innumerable job opportunities and have since been in highly paid and secure employment. (Joke).

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