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Frances Gillard

In my past life I have been a feminist activist, social worker, foster carer, and I ran my own womens' taxi service for ten years. Since early retirement I seem to have kept myself busy trying to build community here in Spain, with a small dose of activism as things crop up.


Exploring my recent family history has been my main indoor activity since the death of my parents a few years ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed the research aspects, discovering family secrets as well as background history of the Raj era in India and more recently, the Second World War in Burma. This propelled me to visit India twice and I was able to experience the places where my parents had visited in their early life together and mentioned in Wanted on Voyage. I also visited the area where the Chindits trained in 1943/4, and the hill town where my mother was born.


Working with my partner on the design of the books has kept me on task and she has organized the content with me so that the material is presented clearly to the reader. 


I invite you to come and look at my website, where you can take a closer look at my books:



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