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Manx Traditional Music for Sessions
by David Speers


David was born in Germany of Manx parents and

has been involved in many areas of Manx

traditional music and dance since the early 1980s

when he joined the Perree Bane traditional dance

and music group. He was also a member of the

Arthur Caley Band and the Mollag Band, and

appeared at various festivals in Brittany, Ireland,

Scotland, Wales, Spain and the Isle of Man.


Since 1995 he has published articles

on Manx traditional music in the

Journal of the Folklore of Ireland

Society, Béaloideas, and other publications, and continues to research and publish articles on long forgotten Manx tunes. David is a fine musician specialising in the mandolin, banjo and guitar.


David has compiled a wonderful collection of tunes from the Isle of Man, MANX TRADITIONAL MUSIC FOR SESSIONS, arranged in sets. In addition, his background notes, history and introduction to Manx traditional music and dance is invaluable, and serves as the ideal companion to anyone interested in finding out more about this fascinating culture.




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