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A Little bit about me

I live close to the River Great Ouse in the lovely market town of St Ives in the heart of Cambridgeshire. I used to live in the valley of the Rio Verde in Andalucia but recently migrated back to the UK.


My wife Pippa and I inherited a wonderful Lindsay family archive from Pippa's grandfather John Seymour Lindsay, and I have spent the last few years creating a library of his Art and writing about his experiences in the First World War through his letters from the trenches.

The Geerts family archive inherited from Pippa's mother Margaret, has likewise given the opportunity to publish a biography, an unpublished novel and a facsimile edition of the Top Secret Operation Neptune from the D-day landings.

I dedicate this website to my dear late wife Pippa and to others who have helped in the publishing processes throughout Iberia and England.

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